how to make Rose Fairy

You'll need:
Jointed miniature porcelain doll or small plastic doll
silk rose with large calyx and leaves
tacky glue
25cm of 13mm wide rayon ribbon
artist's acrylic paints in:
soft brown
pink (or peach)
liner brush
1/4" flat brush

Painting the features
1. Accentuate the closed eyes by applying a line of colour across
the eyeline using the liner brush and brwon paint.

2. Outline the lips with pink (peach) paint using the liner brush,
then colour them in within the outline. Carefully place a dot of the
same colour in each nostril.

3. Side load the flat brush in pink (peach) and apply a sweep of colour
across each cheek.

Dressing the fairy
4. Pull the rose apart and put aside the petals, calyx and the leaves.
Make a single snip into the center of each round of petals as later they
will wrapped and glued around the fairy's waist.

5. Take the smaller round of petals and form a bustier and knickers.
Attach them with glue at the waistline. The petals forming the bustier
should just cap the shoulders so the arm joints are not seen. The petals
forming the knickers should discreetly cover the bottom of hips.

6. Using the remaining petals, build up a multi-layered skirt. Glue
them around the waistline, overlapping where necessary, so they are
evenly distributed and the skirt looks full and balanced.

7. Use the ribbon as a sash around the waist and tie a bow at the back
The ribbon covers all the glued ends of petals.

Fairy's hair and Hat

8. Divide the hair into two parts, one for the back of head (A)
and one for the front.(B)
Apply glue to the top and back of head. Fold (A) in half and press it
into the glue at the back of head.
Glue (B) across the hairline, allowing for shape and movement around
the face and let it fall.

9. For the Hat
Apply glue into the calyx and press it upside down onto the head.

Fairy Wings

Choose 2 leaves about the same size and use the flat brush and paint
them with the gold paint. Apply the paint onto the right side of the
entire leaf. Glue the wings onto the fairy's back, overlapping them

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