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Dated : October 25, 1998 at 00:10:23
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A few of the "quick, easy and inexpensive" things I've had some
luck with are:

1) The Exercise Block: I painted a 3" piece of wood, decoupaged the words Exercise Block on it; put it in a baggie with the following instructions:
1. Place block in center of room.
2. Run around the block 2 times.
3. Take a break.
4. You've just run twice around the block!

2) The Snowman Toy:
paint a 3" piece of wood dark blue;
spatter paint with white paint;
put in baggie;
attach to baggie a picture of a snowman and the words:
Educational Toy*,
*Some Assembly Required.

3) A Belly Button Brush:
bend approx. 5" piece of pipecleaner into a sort of brush looking loop;
add 3 or 4 pony beads as a handle
(glue on last bead) and then use the following poem:

Belly Button Brush...
For those with everything and even worth a mint;
Here's a belly button brush for all that fuzzy lint.

4) Paint an approx.
2 1/2" x 4" piece of wood;
paint wooden candle cup;
mark the candle cup with the word Love;
cut fabric circle with pinking shears and sew
(basting stitch) circle to fit top of candle cup;
decoupage the following poem onto block of wood:

This isn't huckleberry jam, Apple, plum, or peach.
With sweets I will not tempt you,
It's your heart I want to reach.
The contents in this little jar
Were made in heaven above.
I want to give to you, my friend,
This little pot of love!

I wish I could say I orignated the above ideas...but I didn't!
I got them off BBs just like this one.
I would be interested in whatever quick and easy projects you
might wish to share. Great good luck!

:-0 Eleanor

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