Printing on Polymer Clay

Posted by CJ on January 09,

I use a small 'printing press kit' that is found in the kid's section of a toy store. The letters are very small, and work real well for what I want to use them for.

I put the correct amount and type of letters and numbers into the wooden holders that are in the kit, and then I either use them as is on the backs of whatever I make, or I press them into a piece of clay that I want to use as a mold.
After baking, I can then press another piece of clay into the mold I created and cut down the edges, so that what will result after baking is a 'stamp' of my initials and the year. I also make one that is only my initials, and a seperate one that is just the year. Some things I make are way too small to allow for me to stamp everything in one area. I also do this with my company name, so that when it's baked, besides my initials and year on the back, my company name is also visible.
Some clay users make canes of their initials, but I dont do canes, so this works fine for me.

I know there is a way to use specific types of markers on your clay without
it bleeding, but I don't remember what they are off hand. So I just don't use markers. A search thru Dejanews might shed some light on this.


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