Clay pots by Gloria

Paint....your choice of color
Napkin Applique Glue
Decoupage and or Weather Proof Clear Sealer
Sponge Brush
Paint Brush

First, I cleaned the pots very good with water and let them dry overnight.
Next, I applied a base coat on the pot with a sealer and then painted it with a base coat color that I wanted to be in the background.

For a background texture, I chose to use napkins.
Most napkins have two or three layers.
First I cut out the parts of the napkin that I wanted to put on the clay pot.
I saved 3 layers and used the bottom layers to keep the paint from bleeding through to my top layer of napkin.
If for any reason I wasn't happy with the intensity of the top layer color I painted over the top of the original design.

I used Aleene's napkin applique to apply each layer of napkin. I let each layer dry completely before starting a new layer. After I was finished applying the napkin and did the painting that I wanted on the pot, I then applied a coat of decoupage for protection. Several of the pots were going to be used outside and those I chose to use a clear weather proof sealer on.

I was very happy with the combination of paints and napkins and they weather the summer very well and are ready to go back outside this spring!

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