Pinecone Petals

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Dated September 27, 1999
Subject Pinecone Petals

#### donna, I attended a craft fair last weekend. One man had a booth, with ducks and fish made of paper mache and covered with pinecone petals. They were VERY NICE. He used different kinds of pinecone petals to create the different textures to look like feathers or scales. Your question made me think your paper mache trees could be done in the same way, and should look very unique. Hope this idea will be liked by someone. bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*

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#### Sherrie, The man who had the pinecone ducks, told me that each kind of pinecone requires a different way of removing the petals. He said that some can be removed by drilling right down through the center of the cone a few times. Others, he saws in half before working on them. The sawing and drilling method is used on the BIG cones. bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*

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