Pot Pourri Pies

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Dated : October 03,
Subject: Re: Pot Pourri Pies

The ones I have made do not involve any dough.
Use a foil pie pan.
Fill with potpourri of choice.
Cut a circle of tulle in a color to match the potpourri and glue circle to outer edge of pie tin.
Cut with pinking shears strips of beige colored felt and weave these across the top of the pie as you would do with a real pie.
Glue the ends of each strip to the outer edge of your pie tin.

For a realistic look, you can glue a long strip of the beige felt all around the outer edge, glueing in little bumps to look like a fluted know how on real dough you take two fingers on one hand and push one finger from the other hand in between to make that bumpy pie edge.
That sounds silly, but don't know a better way to explain it.

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