Panty Hose flowers

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Dated : September 30, 1998 at 21:44:54
Subject: Flowers Made From Panty Hose
####Guess what I found POAB! I hadn't thought of these in years, so I decided to paste them over here. (Gen, you're holding out on us! he he he he ;-) thanks for the memory!) bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*
subject: Re: pantyhose

Hi Roma,
About a thousand years ago when I was a child, I remember ladies dying hosiery different colors and making flowers.
This would work well for you since you already have the colored panty hose.
They would take window screening and ravel it.
Then they would take a strand and form it into a petal shape and stretch a piece of the hosiery over it to form the petal of the flower.
After making several petals, they would twist them together with a center of of some sort and make a flower.
They would then add leaves made the same way.

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