oil lamps

Diane Strouss posted Message 1352 in the CraftPals Recycling BB
Dated : January 31, 1999 at 17:00:04
Subject: Re: oil lamp
Cynthia, I saw this in a Southern Living Christmas book and bet it would work for you.
Put lamp oil - try to get the smokeless kind - in jar, make a wick out of a 100% cotton shoe string if you can't find wicks anywhere around you and get a GLASS bead, not ceramic, that fits the top of the jar and with a small enough hole to hold the shoestring up.

Just put the shoestring thru the hole, cut off the plastic on both ends and put in jar.
Wait for a few minutes for the oil to be soaked up to the top and light.
Rhoneil posted Message 1353 in the CraftPals Recycling BB
Subject: Re: oil lamp

Hi Cynthia,
I'm from Manila also, after following Dianne's tip on how to do it, to go further into your recycling binge,
you could try to use coconut oil instead of commercially made oil for lamps...
Readily available and relatively cheap... have seen some in the market and they really work well...

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