Mop Doll Bride

Monday, 15-Sep-
Mop Doll (Bride)
Materials needed:
16 oz. mop head,
36x24 " of ecru tulle favric,
3"x10" flestone fabric,
l1/4 yard of 11/4 wide pre gathered ecru lace,
l yard of 2" wide pre-gathered ecru lace,
l yard of pearls,
2 yards of 1/8" wide ecru ribbon,
3 yards of 1/4 wide ecru ribbon,
ribbon roses,
black permanent marking pen,
powdered make-up blush,
polyfil, hot glue, silk or dried flowers(bouquet)

Make the doll with a braided center.
Do not glue down the braid.
Starting at the base of the braid in front c glue a double layer of l1/4" & @" lace over the other side. End where you began.
Glue onlly wnder the edge of the braid.
Tie a bow with 1/8" ribbon with long streamers at the wired part of the braid. Tie 6" pieces of 1/8 ribbon all over the skirt.
Take 3 mop strands form each side of the back, just under the lace. Tie with a bow to hide the fabric strip in back.

Braid the arms. Tie or wire the wrists. Trim off exess mop strands and save for bangs. Glue l1/4 " wide lace around each wrist.
Trim with pearls. Glue to cut area(hand) at wrists.
Glue flowers in the holder, add ribbon & pearl streamers.

Sew ,turn and stuff head,
color eyes with the plack permanent marker.

Cut 6 strands form each side of the body about midway.
Make 2 hair twists, each with 3 strands each.
Twist the 3 strands tightly to make them curl.
Glue at each side of the head. Use your longest mop strand scraps and fold in the middle. Glue to the top of the head. Glue 2 layers.
Trim to desired length.
Gather the 36:
side of the tulle fabric, 1" from the edge. Glue gathered
part to the top of the head. Glue 11/4 " wide lace aroud the head,
starting and ending at the base of the head. Trim with a large bow and
flowers. Add pearls at her neck.

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