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Dated : October 26,
Subject: Re: Modge Podge Ideas

I have been working on a project I thought up for a friends B-D.
I purchased a photo album that has "pockets" to slide pictures in, then I decoupaged recipes, pictures of food, etc.,
on the album and it is for "filing" old recipes, magazine cut-outs, etc.
The pages are the new acid-free kind so I hope it will keep the recipes
Anyway, I used Mod Podge on it and even after it dried it was still "tacky" to the touch and would stick to other things.
I sealed it with a glossy spray sealer and it is no longer tacky or sticky.

My friend liked it so much, she asked me to do four more for her nieces and daughter. She is going to type up all her mother's old recipes and put them in the albums. (Her mother passed away a year ago.)

I'm also thinking about doing something along the same line to use for all the warranties, instructions, guaranties, etc., that usually end up all over the house and never where they are supposed to be when you need them!!!!LOL

Karen in Texas

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