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Okay here goes nothing. My husband need something for his Mother for Christmas. I told him I had an idea but "HE" needed to make it. Well We ended up making one for each of our Mother's and I made one for my best friend. Our mom's cried along with my best friend.

The Memory Jar

I found everything for this project at Michaels.
You will a Need a glass Jar. (Med size.)
Some paper. (thicker paper)
A nice fine point maker.
A roll of nice looking Wire ribbon.
Glue gun.

Now basicly what you are going to do is write all your memories on little piece's of paper.
Make piece's big enough to fold in half. (With are mom's jar's we wrote memories when we were kids.)
We ended up filling the jar's with over 200 hundred memories.
It was so much fun and made us laugh.
( If you are thinking there is no way I can think of that much stuff.
Just start with a rough draft of memories.
On a separate piece of paper.
You will be so surprised how many you can come up with.)
Make a big enough bow for the top of the jar.
Let some of the sides hang down over the jar.
Set this aside.

With another piece of paper we wrote a poem on it.
On the paper we had some with angels on the corners.
Take a pen and in the corner of this paper poke a whole threw it add a piece of thin ribbon from it.
Glue this piece of ribbon to the top of the jar lid.
So the piece of paper hangs done the side of the jar.
Then the bow you set aside glue that also to the top of the jar lid as well.

Now the poem I wrote for the outside of the jar.
When you are feeling down and blue and you need a smile.
Just reach your hand in and pull a memory from the pile.
Yes, some of the memories we used were kinda sad.
But we still looked at it as a memory.

I hope this works out for you.
Let me know if you make one and got the same response as we did.
The cost of this project was about 10 dollars for two of them.
Bye for now

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