Babies and Bridal Shower Cakes

Cakes are made with diapers or receiving blankets.

Lay the the receiving blanket out flat and fold to a long strip Begin at one 3" end and roll firmly to the end of the strip, add the next 3" strip and continue to roll until you reach the size circle you want for your cake. To make a tiered cake make a second roll slightly smaller than the base cake.
Use pins to hold the rolls in place. Decorate with loops of ribbon, roses made from baby socks, and rattles etc. A sock corsage makes a nice topper and the the new mother to be can wear it.
You can also made these, rolling the disposable diapers and securing each new
"wrap around" with rubber bands.
Secure pretty lace and ribbon around to cover the rubber bands...and decorate w/ rattles
socks baby powder and other baby things.

For bride:

Use any linens and make the same way.
You can add lace ruffle around each layer and silk flowers in place of sock roses, craft rings small toast glasses and a bride and groom from the cake
decorations at the craft store.
Robin W USA

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