Rose Petal Necklace

Materials needed:
One shopping bag full of freshly fallen rose petals;
rose oil or unscented vegetable oil;
fishing line,
waxed dental floss or buttonhole twist;
jewelry clasp;
large sewing needle;
meat grinder
(scissors and pestle can be substituted);
enamel or cast-iron pan;
wooden spoon;
40 to 60 large shaft stick pins;
basket lid or corkboard;
soft cloth;
semi-precious stone beads in desired amount (optional).
Note: Makes about 40 to 60 beads, depending on size.

Tear petals into small pieces and put through meat grinder to
form a clay-like substance. Grind petals into either a cast-iron
skillet or enameled pan. Any other pans will turn black if they come in

contact with crushed rose petals. Leave petals stand uncovered.
If a meat grinder is not available, cut petals into tiny pieces,
and use a pestle to pound and crush these pieces into a paste.
Repeat grinding or pounding of petal paste each day for four
days. Each day the petal paste will increase in density and become
darker in color.

Rub hands with rose oil or unscented vegetable oil. Pinch off
about 1/4 teaspoon of petal paste and roll it between palms of hand to
form a bead. Beads will shrink as they dry so make each bead twice the
desired finished size.
Stick a pin through the center of each bead while it is still
moist. Stick the pin, with bead still on it, into either a basket lid
or a piece of corkboard so air can circulate around bead. Make 40 to 60
beads. Allow beads to dry 3 to 4 days.

When competely dry, polish each bead with a soft cloth. String
beads on buttonhole twist, dental floss or fishing line. Alternate the
beads with semi-precious stones if desired. Continue to add beads until
necklace has reached desired length. Attach jewelry clasp to finish.
Renew the fragrance of these beads from time to time by rubbing
beads with rose oil.

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