Preserved Swag

Materials needed:
1 block of dry floral foam
1 pkg. of Spanish Moss
3 pkg. Preserved Salal
3 pkg. Preserved Myrtle
1 1/2 pkg. Preserved Peppergrass
1/2 pkg. Preserved Baby's Breath
2-12" lengths-18 gauge wire
hot glue gun
ferning pin (optional)
1 pkg. wired picks
3M - #9 Moire Ribbon
1 1/2M - 3/8" Picot ribbon

1) Cut floral foam block in half lengthwise.

2) Cover block with Spanish Moss. Secure with glue or ferning pins.

3) Insert 2 Salal branches on top of the other into each end of the foam so that they extend about 12" horizontally.

4) Cut remaining Salal branches into shorter varying lengths and insert horizontally along the sides of the foam.

5) Insert appropriate lengths of Myrtle into the foam in the same manner as the Salal, making sure it is evenly distributed. Work from the outside of the arrangement toward the inside.

6) Take long sprays of Peppergrass and insert over Myrtle filling in swag as you work.
7) With Baby's Breath fill in evenly around the arrangement, making sure lengths of sprays are equal on both sides.

BOWS1) Make a 7-loop bow from the #9 Moire ribbon. Leave 18" tails.
Secure bow at the center with a wire long enough to insert into the middle of the block.

2) Extend tails of ribbon along length of the swag using glue to secure.
Tuck into the arrangement for added interest.

3) Cut pieces of moire ribbon 11" and 9 1/2" long. Wire ends of ribbon to a pick and insert into foam just below the bow to hang down.

4) Make a 7 - loop bow with picot ribbon and leave two tails - one 9" long and one 8" long.
Tie a knot in each tail about 4" from the ends. Insert this bow into centre of the Moire bow..and Enjoy.!

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