Potpourri Jars With Lights

Take a glass canister size jar (remove lid),
place inside a string of miniature Xmas lights (multicolored works
best), and enough potpourri to fill jar. Be sure to have tail of lights
coming out of the top of the jar.

Place a lace doily large enough to cover jar opening over the opening
where the flat part of doily is over the opening and the lace trim is
hanging down around the jar (the doily should not be too big - you want
to see the lights & potpourri. You'll have to let light tail hang down
side of the jar under the lace. Wrap a color corresponding ribbon around
top of jar where flat lace & frilly lace trim meet and tie a bow.

Be sure the tail is long enough for anyone to plug in the jar.
As the lights burn,the potpourri scent really comes through! It looks so
pretty with the lights in either the daytime or nighttime! I've had mine
since last Christmas, have plugged it in everyday and the scent is still
as strong as the day I got it.

Karen (Gidget) USA

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