A good way to use pinecones is to spray them gold, add a ribbon hanger then add flowers and lace or ribbon to drape down the pinecone.
I've got lots and intend to just spray them gold-bag them and sell them that way. People grab them up real fast. I've also glued them into medium
sized baskets, sprayed the whole thing gold then continued to add small gifts, ribbon, flowers and tiny deer and teddy bears.
Lynda from B.C.

Pinecone Trees

Gather a lot of the huge pinecones that can stand up to about 8 inches or so.Remove the pods from them (I guess you can nuke them for a minute or so liketo make sure there are no insects in them) I use crystal light plastic containers for base but I guess you can use anything that will hold the weight of the tree that looks like a base and so that the tree looks like it is on a stand.

I glue the pine cone to the container inverted with a lot of glue from my glue gun and let dry well before going on.

The shape of the pine cone makes perfect "shelves" to decorate on.

You can embellish the "trees" in any manner that you want.....suggestions....

* spray paint silver, gold, white or metallic red/green
* Place glue on edges of "tree" and sprinkle with glitter
* I have used little teddies sitting on "shelves"
* paint small wooden blocks red and green or any other color and
draw ribbon around them and glue around on "shelves"
* Use small gold beads or colored beads as Christmas balls
* Use long beads as icicles
* Use small pointsetta flowers placed intermittantly
* Use small bows that you tie yourself with ribbon
* Use ribbon as garland in any color

Be creative and you'll be surprised at how you have instant miniature trees.
I am also thinking of creating one on a styrofoam board and then decorate all around the bottom with tiny toys, boxes, etc. etc. to make it look like
a real tree with presents!

Kathy B USA

Bonny posted Message 228 in the CraftPals NatureCrafts BB
Dated : October 05,
Subject: Angel Sitting On A Pine Cone (ouch!)

####I received a catalog today that had some very pricey stuff in it.
Among the things that I thought were pretty cute was a little, pewter, hinge-lidded "tooth-fairy" box. It was in the shape of a pine cone with a little fairy sitting on the lid; one of her legs was sort of draped down over the pine cone shape. ###This made me think how cute a little angel (or elf or fairy) would look, made of polymer clay, dough clay, or fabric and sitting on (glued on) a real pine cone. I hope someone will like this idea too. bye Bonny (Granny) #---------*

lynette posted Message 230 in the CraftPals NatureCrafts BB
Dated : October 05,
Subject: Re: Angel Sitting On A Pine Cone (ouch!)

Bonny - I liked that idea as well. Got me thinking about other little "critters" sitting on top, or something like a tiny squirrel.

Sherrie posted Message 242 in the CraftPals NatureCrafts BB
Dated : October 07,
Subject: Pine Cone Gift tags

I am needling for Pine cones lol..I took my white pine cones they are long and very pretty with white tips added a raffia bow and a hang wire then added a grocery sack tag to use on my christams packages..

Also use dried okra i grow one row of it strictly for this let the okra dry spray it and write to and from on them and wire hanger for gift tags for my Country Christmas theme..the okra can be seen at my web site under My Crafts..Happy Piney days

~~enjo posted Message 238 in the CraftPals NatureCrafts BB
Dated : October 07,
Subject: Great new as-yet-untried, unheard-of idea for pinecones...


Hehehe, sorry, couldn't resist. This board gives new meaning to the acronym PC.

But seriously folks ... teensy tight-scaled cones are very pretty in potpourri. Have large, poorly-shaped cones that are too "open"? Snip off the individual scales, use as filler in potpourri. Nicer & more
traditional-looking than that wood chip/curl filler.
Especially if you're making a Christmasy or woodsy scented potpourri.

karen posted Message 237 in the CraftPals NatureCrafts BB
Dated : October 07,
Subject: Directions for Karens pc petal ornaments

Welcome, Marty. We'll have to rename this board for the "cones" ... for
all us "coneheads!" Anyway, here's the directions, kinda.
They leave lots of room for improvement:

Originally: Glue petals on a cardboard circle - overlapping each row - onboth sides, then fill the center with peppercorns.

Lynnette: Glued a row or so together, then placed the peppercorns withoutthe cardboard center. They were single sided.

k: Glue them back to back so the ornament was double sided.

L: ...wanted to know what I did about the "curl" of the petal, so they would lay flat.

k: Cut at the curve with a small hacksaw or diagonal cutters, then make sure the "corns" cover the cut edges. Last spring the g-kids and I
collected some neat star shaped seed pods that I placed in the center [didn't have any corns - the right kind anyway!] making sure I added a looped thread for a hanger between the two sides.

Hope this is clearer than my head and that it helps... Keep us posted!


Posted by Peggy on December 02,
In Reply to: craft idea posted by Carol on December 02,

My boys made cute little trees out of pine cones way back when they were in grade school.
The wide part is the base.
Small colorful beads are glued onto the petals and a small star was glued on top.
I still have them today.
Hope this helps.

Posted by Evelyn on October 18,


Materials needed:
1.Assorted whole nuts(walnuts,pecans, etc. What ever you would like to use)
3.One 18"-wire wreath form
4.Light to medium gauge wire
7.Hand clippers

For the base of the wreath, use an 18" wire wreath
form, available in craft and flower supply stores.
Attach cones to the form with 12" wires twisted
around the cone bottoms. To make pine cone "flowers",
cut off the top portion of cone with sharp hand

Drill a small hole in the nuts; insert wires to join
nuts in clusters. Wire clusters in place. After
pinecones and nut clusters have been wired to form
in the way that you would like wreath to look. Spray
wreath with shellac. After shellac has dried. Wind 2"-
wide ribbon through wreath; attach bow.

Using sprays made from nuts, is an option only.
Wreath can be made just using the pine cones.

Take Care

Hi Lynn:
First...I sterilize my cones.:)
warm up the oven to about 325-350 degrees.
Then spread foil over the cookie sheet..spread the pinecones on it.
This will evict some of the kritters that you don't want and melt any pitch that might be there giving you a nice shiny pinecone.
It will also open up any cones that you might still be closed.

wire wreath
glue gun
flowers, nuts, cinnamon sticks,
berries etc.

I set the wire wreath on the table.
You will have...two round wires on the table and one raised.
Take a pipe cleaner and make a loop for hanging.

Take one cone and shove in sideways between wire one and wire two...
Then go to the inside circle and push one from the other side and do this all the way around..this is kind of hard..but if you push it in properly the
cones stay in pretty tight.

The top layer..
I glue little pinecones and nuts, cinnamon sticks with the glue gun wherever I have a gap.

Then I make a bright red bow and tie to the wreath between the cones..
you might have to remmove a cone or two to make room for the bow.
Glue some redberries and snowy spriggs around the bow.

Then just hang and enjoy!

At Christmas time my kiddies and I make pinecone wreaths to give to our friends.
It is great fun to try to race the squirrels for them...:)
These wreaths look great at any season with just the change of bow and flowers.
I saw these wreath at the flea market with just a bow selling for 35 Canadian.
Merry Christmas!

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