String Holders or Pin Cushions from Margarine Containers:

Pig string holder:
cover each part of the margarine container with a paper towel glued with
Aleene's Tacky Glue. This gives a rough & interesting finish, to paint & decorate.

Make the nose from a button, a bottle cap or a piece of styrofoam.
Add eyes of fet, paper, moveable plastic eyes or simply paint them on.
Ears are made of two pieces of paper towel glued together with tacky and held in place with tacky.

Eyelashes may be purchased, cut out of black paper or painted on.
The face is decorated with tiny blossoms made by dipping a toothpick into paint & "dotting" center & petals. Mouth is painted on. A hole is poked in the center of the mouth. It is from this hole that the string is dispensed.

Bear string holder: is made with the same procedure. Felt is used to cover the face (margarine container lid).
Eyes are buttons. Nose, cheeks & mouth are cut from felt.

Pin Cushion: is made by making a fabric & lace cover over the bottom of

the margarine container. Glue to hold.
(note: use Aleene's glue in the gold bottle. It has added tack to hold gathered fabric & because of its super-thick nature it doesn't soak through the fabric.) Add a trim of silk roses, forget-me-nots, baby's breath & very narrow ribbon. The lid is used as a base for the pin cushion.
Cover the lid with fabric.
Tacky glue a ruffle of lace around the edge. The finished pin cushion looks like a very dainty Victorian bonnet.


Materials needed:

1 big pine cone - well open
1 piece of thick cardboard for the base cotton balls or polyfill
little fabric squares approx. 1 inch x 1 inch(can be a little bit bigger) 1 bigger piece of fabric to cover the base
sewing thread PVA or other craft glue

Cut out a base big enough to hold the pine cone. You can either cut a square or a circle(it's easier to cover with fabric)or a heart, cover it with fabric and glue the cone with it's base in the middle.

Put a little cotton ball or some polyfill in the middle of a fabric square, put the 4 ends together and sew the opening or put the thread around the 4 corners very tight. Make as much balls as the cone has opening. Put a little bit of glue in each opening and push the fabric ball in the opening, until all are covered.

If you like, glue a nice ribbon around the base of the cone and make a bow. A great gift for kids to make as they don't need needles. Just a little bit patience.

Sibille K Australia

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