Perfume Paper, Ink, Pillows & Sachets


Making perfume paper is extremely easy with the essential oils. To infuse a whole box of paper & envelopes, cut into small pieces a paper tissue, a cotton handkerchief, blotting paper, or gauze-you only need half a dozen or so pieces about an inch square-put a drop of essential oil on each piece, & place them in different places between the sheets of paper or envelopes.

Seal the box tightly, or if you don't have a box put them in a plastic bag & seal, & leave for at least twenty-four hours. Which essential oil or blend of oils you use is entirely up to you. Try lemon oil on lemon-or cream-colored paper, orange oil on peach-colored paper, lavender on lavender paper, & so forth.

Just add to the bottle 10 drops
of essential oil for each 1 teaspoon of ink.

Perfumed Pillows & Sachets:

All you need is a piece of material stitched along three sides, whatever size you choose, some fresh dried herbs or spices, and the oils. It is of course the essential oil contained in the raw product that gives dried herbs & spices their aroma but you can enhance this by leaving the herbs in a plastic bag overnight with the essential oils so they can be absorbed. How many drops of oil you add depends upon the size of the pillow or sachet you are making & the strength of your dried product.

When using the essential oils it is not necessary to use dried herbs-any stuffing will do. For sleep pillows use chamomile, lavender, neroli, marjoram, valerian, nutmeg, or hop. Day pillows can have their fragrance matched to the fragrance you like to use in individual rooms, for example lemon, geranium, or clarysage. Stuff the pillow & sew the fourth side.

TO REVIVE: Just add the oil neat on the outer material or, if this is delicate, open a little corner of a seam and drop the oil onto the stuffing.

Diana M USA

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