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- Terms of Usage

My terms are easy.
You may use my printable with your crafts as you wish, whether for fun or as a business. However, my copyright and my domain name has to stay intact.
My printable can not be altered, added to a collection and then sold.
If I have you confused;   please drop me a line on my contact form.

If you're a "Pinterest User" please respect my terms.
If you're taking an image - please make sure it has my domain on it, including on Dover's vintage clipart.
The clip art is to be used on crafts and it will mean cutting around the images and removing the domain name. I understand that.
Uploading images to Pinterest is not using my images on crafts.
When search engines indexes images and the domain names have been removed, it becomes a problem. I know it's my image and you know it's my image, but how would anyone else know?
Please upload my image as you found it.
If that's not possible, please do not leave my image at Pinterest, because Pinterest doesn't respect peoples' copyrights.