Mason jar candles

Eileen posted Message 4185 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated August 17, 1999 at 214349
Subject Re Mason Jar Candles

Hi Reenie! I'm not much of a painter but I have done these jars before.
I fill them with potpourri or dried fruits and tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and they are done. I did see a cute painted one in a magazine recently. The jar is more of a rounded one and was painted ivory. A scarecrow face was painted on this. Raffia was glued around the neck of the jar and hanging down to resemble hair.

A straw hat had it's top cut out and was embellished with an autumn pic and ribbon and glued to the top of the jar. This left the top open for the votive holder and candle. In the same magazine (I wish I could remember which one) fabric cutouts were decoupaged on the jar and outlined in 3-d paint. Hope this helps you out. Eileen from Ontario

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