Mardi Gras

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Hi Trendy,
Doubloons originally were Spanish coins. The metal or plastic reproductions are tossed from the floats along with colored beads at the Mardi Gras parades. The reproductions come in gold, silver, green, purple or any bright color. They are about an inch and a half in diameter. For your party, you could just spread a few out on the tables.

You could also make foil crowns since kings and queens are big in the Mardi Gras tradition. Use lots of beads. You could use the bead type garland from Christmas. For that matter, anything glittery that you might have in the Mardi Gras colors can be used. Dig through your Christmas stuff. We use gold, silver, and purple balls on our Mardi Gras wreaths here in Louisiana. Just remember that Mardi Gras is basically glittery and actually pretty gaudy!!

Wish you could have been around here a month ago! Michael's and Hobby Lobby always practically give stuff away after Mardi Gras. They even have the twinkle lights in MG colors!

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