Luncheon Favours

Posted by Diana on June 02,

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Below are two projects. Bye! Diana*

Potpourri Bag:
You can make a small sack bag out of fabric & fold in edges at the top. Full inside of bag with some herbs, potpourri, or spices. Insert a few cinnamon sticks in the opening of the bag & tie close with a rubber band, cover that with a ribbon or just cord. You can even glue a piece of some dried fruit on the front.

Bird Bath:
You can take a 2" clay pot and a 3-1/2" clay saucer. Put the clay pot upside down this will be the base, then glue the bottom of the saucer on top of the bottom of the clay pot. Now the saucer will be the top of the birdbath. You can decorate it a few ways, you can melt blue candle wax (over a double boiler) and pour inside the bird bath and add a wick or leave the wick out, & also glue some small birds on the edge. You can also just glue some dried flower around the edges and base to your liking.

Posted by Diana on June 02,
In Reply to: Luncheon Favors posted by Kathy on June 01,

You can make a little decorated box. Instructions below. Bye! Diana*
6" seagrass basket with cover (which is a wicker type of box), 3/4 yd. of 3/4" wide ecru pre-gathered lace; 1/4 cup Strawberry Delight potpourri, 2 silk strawberry piks with leaves, blossoms and berries, 1 yd. pale green narrow picot edge satin ribbon, a 7" square of white tulle, a 7" square of red felt; 2" length white cloth covered wire and Aleene's Designer Tacky glue.

About 3/4" in from the outside of the basket bottom as a pattern to cut a circle of tulle. Cut a felt circle using the outside of the cover as a pattern. Spread glue around the insde of the cut out cover and attach the tulle circle. Make sure you don't miss any spots. Lay the over upside down and add the potpourri. Push it toward the center leaving 1/2" around the ouside all the way around. Spread glue on the outside of the felt circle and press securely in place. Check for any missed spots, reglue it necessary and let dry. Cut the stems short on the pics and glue in the center of the cover.
Or, cut the berries, leaves and blossoms apart, & arrange as you like and glue in place. Make a multi loop bow and fasten in center with wire to secure. Pinch at the knot so all the loops stand up. Add a dab of glue tot he underside of the knot and tuck bow down into the center of the strawberries.

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