keep cool bandanas

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Subject: Re: keep cool Bandanas

Dry feed corn (purchase in a feed store or pet store)
heavy muslin or other fabric --appx 16" x 5"
1.Make a tube out of a long piece of fabric..that will fit around your neck,measure your neck for correct length.
2.With right sides togehter stitch 1/2' seam along the long end, and one short end. Turn right side out.
3 Fill with dry corn (found in feed stores). it should be firm, but bendible. Stitch the end shut.
4.Put in the freezer.
5.When cold,roll it into a bandana and tie around your neck.

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Dated : June 13, 1999 at 03:05:14
Subject: Re: keep cool Bandanas with Soil Moist?

Use Linda S's directions above, but only put 2 Tbs of the crystals in each pocket so it dosen't pop the seams when they swell from hydration.
Soil moist is sold at nursery's. If desperate, open "un-used" diapers and use those crystals.
[Wait until G sees this, or Lynette!] They are the same thing.
By the way, the bb's here send you an email automatically. We post all our questions and answers so we can share with everybody....

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