jewelry projects

lynda from b.c. posted Message 2561 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Subject: Re: Need Ideas for jewelry projects!

hi bonnie,i have been using junk jewellery to make trinket boxes for about three years now.
they are a great selling item as i can keep the price down on them.
at the moment i have a supply of small metal tins[3" long x 2" wide about 1" deep]i sprayed them all gold then added bits
and pieces of junk jewellery to them.they sell very well.

my supplier has stopped getting the tins but i do the same thing with a larger size bamboo box.
you can also put the jewels on pic. frames and mirrors.
watches are great on the boxes also.
i did some stepping garden stones out of a quick set cement this year and used a lot of the jewels in them as well.
they are quite different.
good luck, lynda from b.c.

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