Herb Salt Rub

Catherine posted Message 1455 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : October 30,
Subject: Salt Rub

This weekend I'm going to scent some kosher salt with rosemary to use in a
bath rub. I scented some table salt with rosemary and its heavenly.
You could try scenting the salt to substitute for the essential oils.

Here's the herb scented salt recipe:

a wide mouth glass jar, salt and fresh herbs (or herb blend)
rosemary is relaxing, mint is invigorating, lemon balm might
be good, lemon-mint blend, or use your imagination.

Place a layer of salt in the bottom of the jar.
Place a layer of leaves or a few sprigs of herbs on top of the salt.
Cover the herbs with more salt.
Make another layer of herbs.
Then another layer of salt.
End with a layer of salt.
Let stand for 2 weeks to absorb scent.

Rosemary needs a little different technique.
Place a layer of salt in the bottom of the jar.
Place a large spring of rosemary upright in the center of the jar.
Pour salt around the rosemary.
Just be sure none of the rosemary sticks out of the salt.

In general, a greater proportion of herb makes a stronger scent.

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