grocery bag basket

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Subject: Re: Raffia/grocery bag basket
Hi, I have made several of these. The bags are not cut.
They are folded down to the inside. This makes them more stable.
When I make them, I glue the sides first and then weave in the long ones that go around the bag. Much easier.
It usually takes about 3 strips to go around the bag.
You can use the same material that you use on the inside of the bag as the middle strip.

Just cut to about the same width as the paper twist, adding a little bit more so the edges can be folded under and glued.
The inside has stuffing under the middle. You can also braid the paper twist to use as handle.
One I made had sunflower material, so I glued a big sunflower to the outside. (NOTE to N & L, this was done WAY before I met the 3 of you! LOL)

I had one I made with christmas colors, the material had gold string in it. so I used it and just filled it with gold christmas balls. For the front I took a piece of that gold wire with the stars on it and kind of made a bow.
Let you imagination take you away! Look at different materials and you will see different things to make with it. For a baby shower, fill it with baby powder, and other baby items.

Hoped this helped. email me if you need to. And good luck!

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