Grated candles

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Subject: Grated candles

While visiting my in-laws during Easter I saw that my mother-in-law had some nice candles in ordinary wine glasses.
They looked a bit like those sandy-arty bottles you can make with layers in different colours.
So, when I came home I decided to make a few of my own.

This is how to do it:
Take a couple of candles in different colours. They must be coloured all the way through.

Grate the candles on a grater or in a food processor, one colour at a time (duhh!).
Place a wick in the glass of your choosing, and pour the grated candle in the glass.
Layer the different colours any way you want.
If you use a thin glass I wouldn't recommend lighting them as the glass might not stand the heat.
Christina (With bloody knuckles)

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