graduation ideas

I am also looking for ideas for an 8th grade graduation for my son. Here is one idea we use often:
We make up cards (greeting card size) with a picture of the person the party is for saying congratulations,
the persons name on front and inside put date and school name(use school colors) anything important to the occasion
these can then be laminated and used for table decorations when the party is over everyone gets to take one as a thank-you keepsake.
This idea works for any occasion we have used it for graduatons, retirement party, Sweet 16 ...
Good Luck!

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Subject: My favourite!

If you've plenty of time, here's my best grad idea!
Purchase plain heavy white cotton, muslin or ticking (even the striped one looks great) and a pattern (the one I use now has only two pieces:
McCalls? I'm not sure, but it's in one of the pattern books) and make the bears (cats, bunnies...whatever),
and tie a fine tipped permanent marker to it with an extravagant bow in the school colours.
They can then get their friends to write their "good-byes" or whatever on them!
Spray with an acrylic finish when they're done, and they have cute reminders of their friends.
I've never done this for guys, but there are patterns for stuffed trucks and cars, believe it or not, or their initials...
just be sure to stuff very full!

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