gift bags

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Dated : April 08, 1999 at 16:11:53
Subject: Re: need help making paper bags into gift bags

I fold the bag tops into the inside twice.
On each side at second fold (will be top) punch a hole on opposite sides.
I use paper twist for handles. Cut paper twist the length of desired handle plus 2 inches.
Push the paper twist through the holes from the outside and untwist about 1 inch of paper twist, this will create a kind of flat circle.
Add drop to glue to secure if desired. Then fold in top fold.

I don't know if this makes sense on the folds so will try again.
Let's say your bag is 6 inches high and you want it to be 4 inches high when finished.
That leaves you 2 inches to fold to the inside.
You would make 2 folds: at 1 inch and again at 2 inches from top.
The holes would be at the 2 inch fold.
I usually just determine size of finished bag I want then fold above that mark and fold that in half again to get the 2 folds.
For stamp you can cut from a household sponge or how about cutting a carrot in half, shaping slightly to look like bowling pin
or carve shape from a potatoe half.

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