garden lady

Alice posted Message 1137 in the CraftPals Gardening BBS
Dated : August 16, 1998 at 18:53:31
Subject: Garden Lady

This summer I dressed up my garden by putting a garden lady scarecrow in it.
Looks real pretty with flowers growing at her feet.
Use two recycled wooden closet poles(5'and 6-1/2'), a dainty dress and shirt(from the thrift store), a straw hat and some silk flowers.
Thread the horizontal pole(5')through the armholes of the shirt and dress, place the vertical pole(6-1/2')down through the neck holes, then wire the poles together.

Pound about 1' of the vertical pole into the ground .
Then, top the pole with a straw hat and trail flowering silk vines around the arms, can also add a basket of silk flowers to the end where her hands would be.
Plan to redress her for a different look next summer.

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