Fridge Magnets

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Dated : July 10, 1999 at 23:06:22
Subject: Re: Fridge Magnets

I make fridge magnets all the time with AVERY pre-perfed business card stock
. All the office superstores carry business card magnets ( at about $.18 - $.20 each in quantities) with adhesive already on them (peel and stick).
Now, if you have a photo-quality color printer ( I have an EPSON 740 (You've Got to See It in EPSON COlor)) you can scan your photos in and crop and size to fit a business card and then print them out. Several paper companies also make photo glossy business cards and the results are quite spectacular.
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Subject: Re: Fridge Magnets
I saw this on the Carol Duvall show.
First choose the photos you want to use then take them to Office Depot or someplace where you can get color copies.
Get them copied (you can fit several on one page) but also have them reduce them to a smaller size.
Of course you can keep them their original size. Next you cut out the photos leaving a little border.
Place them on the sticky side of a sheet magnet and cut out using a ruler and exacto knife.
She cut hers(I think) to about 2x3 inches.
Next she took an emory board and lightly ran it across all the edges taking off the color, it made it look as if it were framed. You can leave it this way or rub it w/a little gold paint or Rub-n-Buff.
Then you take clear laminating sheets and place on top and trim to fit.
And there you have your refrigerator magnets and you still have your photos.
I hope these instructions are clear enough, I saw that show a couple of years ago and have wanted to make them myself.
Of course I have never made them myself yet. LOL

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