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Dated : April 01, 1999 at 18:48:09
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Amy -
I saw a couple of neat things to do with clay pots. One you would have to use different sizes for it to work.
Anyway, starting with the largest on the bottom, stack several and make a lighthouse out of them.
The top one has holes drilled in it so that the light - either candle or electric - would shine through.
The very top was the top off a detergeant bottle.
You can paint the stacked pots to look like alighthouse, also paint windows and doors in them.
The second one you would need to get a terra cotta dish a little larger than your pot.
Lay the pot on its side in the plate and, using coffee ground and cinnamon mixed, put in the pot where it looks like dirt falling out on the plate.

Get a gardener's glove and stuff fingers and thumb with fiberfill and put fabric stiffener on the glove.
Place the glove to where the fingers are above the pot - all except for the thumb.
Make sure the glove's palm is around the turned over pot. Decorate it with a small painted trowel, dried flowers, etc.

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Amy, those little pots are so cute. Here are four ideas, hope they are of some help:-

1. They make ideal pot animals, e.g. spider: paint one black, glue chemille sticks for legs, add googly eyes, hang on a wire. Other pets can be made by adding wooden balls (for heads)to a pot turned upside down and painting them up, e.g. cat, bee. Add fun foam or wooden peices for ears, paws etc.

2. At Xmas I sprayed the rim gold and added tiny gold ribbons and embellishements to them, when hung upside down on the tree, they look like bells.

3. Put some florist foam in pot, and arrange tiny dried flowers in them, or just dried lavender with a raffia bow around the rim.

4. Pin cushions:


cotton fabric (with prints on them look pretty)
fibre filling
rubber band

Cut a 25cm-diameter fabric circle. Take enough polyester fibre fill, to fill a pot, place it in centre of circle. Pull up the edges of the circle and secure with a rubber band. Dab glue inside pot and press fabric ball inside pot. (If selling, put some pins into the ball so people know what they are)

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