Finishing inside a Bentwood box

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Subject: Finishing inside a Bentwood box

If lining the bottom with paper or fabric, cut a piece of poster board or a little heavier cardboard to fit. Spread glue over top, turn upside down on wrong side of fabric or paper. Trim off, leaving a half inch or more to fold over cardboard shape. Clip at 1/2 inch intervals.

Brush a little glue around edge and fold paper over. After gluing down all around, then spread glue over bottom of entire paper covered piece and push down into box. If lining the sides, they should be done the same way. Do them first before

pushing bottom in. Be sure to allow for the space that will be taken up by lining sides before cutting bottom shape. It's easier to cover these lining pieces outside of the box and glue them in when covered than trying to work inside the box.

If using the fabric, I always cut a piece of thin batting and sandwich in-between the fabric and cardboard. Then proceed with above instructions. It gives a softer look and feel to lining.

If you want a gathered fabric on the sides, measure the depth of box, add about an inch at the top and atleast that much at the bottom. Cut fabric about twice the length of the measurement around the inside of the box.

Fold fabric down an inch at the top. Sew a gathering stitch 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch down from top.

Pull threads to gather to fit the box. When gathered to desired length, stitch up the 2 ends to make a tube.

Adjust gathers, and begin hot gluing around top of box. Place glue where where the stitching line is. After the sides are glued in, then arrange gathered fabric neatly pushing gathers in position around bottom of box. Now, either hot glue or spread a good white glue on underside of covered shape for bottom.

Push it down into the bottom of box. For added touch, hot glue 1/4 in picot ribbon around the top over the stitching line. If using a white glue, you would need to use some pins to hold ribbon into place while proceeding around.

Sometimes this is easier to keep from burning you fingers! A stylus is handy to use instead of fingers to hold the ribbon that has been hot glued. That, also, prevents some burns. Tie a bow at center back (or wherever you want).

A few rosebuds or other tiny flowers can be glued on with the ribbon bow, also.

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