drying apples and other fruits

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Dated : November 20, 1998 at 09:22:28
Subject: Re: Drying Apples

I have been drying fruit all year long,(in a dehydrator)to make a dryed fruit and gingerbreadman garland.
I have dryed any and all fruits that didn't get eatten before they went bad. Kiwi, apples, oranges,(including manderin) bananas,grapefruit & pineapples.
I didn't dip them in anything but I was told by a lady that sells dryed fruit crafts that pineapple juice workd better than lemon juice for keeping color.
But the fruit craft I purchased from her turned brown just as fast as mine that was not dipped in anything.
I am going to add bay leaves as a filler to my garland and cinnamon sticks.

I also dryed millions of crabapple slices( sliced flower to stem) to make small wreaths for my X-mas tree.
Just string them and add a raffia bow.
Another thing that you can do with your dried apples is to make roses out of them.

If your apples are dried to the almost brittle stage put them in a bag with a couple slice of bread until they are soft and pliable.
Start with the centre and roll one slice of apple to make the centre petal, form the next petal around centre petal, continue adding apple slices as petals until you get the rose look.
Glue the petals together.
These apple roses look really good done up onto wreaths or just gather a piece of off white lace and glue a rose onto it.
Add a gold string and a hanger and they make a nice Christmas tree ornament.
I hope to have a Christmas fruit tree in my kitchen this year.
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