Curly Craft hair

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Subject: Re: Need help with curly craft hair

Hi Cindy! I think the best way to use the curly hair is to loosen it up first, or it tends to look "clumpy" when you glue it on...
I always kind of stretch it out a little first, then ball it up and roll it between my fingers- (but gently, or it will get too frizzy!)
Most often, I am glueing it onto wooden dollheads, so I use hot glue (but on low heat, because on high my gun MELTS
the hair!) I always put a line of glue right above the "forehead" first and glue the middle of the section of hair I have cut on,
then work in sections twisting the hair a little as I go along glueing...

Gee, hope all this makes sense! Almost enough info here to start my own BOOK on applying doll hair! :o)

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