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Subject: Make Your Own Cookie Cutters
#### Hi, I found this info posted (by Na Knee)
on another board in response to someone wanting to know how to make their own cookie cutters. Hope someone will like it. bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*
COOKIE CUTTERS (make your own)

What I use is aluminum flashing or 3/4"strips of galvinized roofing(new)soaked or washed well in white vinegar and then just
shape into desired shape and fasten with a pop rivet,jewelry glue,super glue or epoxy glue or what ever you have.

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Subject: Re: Make Your Own Cookie Cutters
You can also just use a flat can or flat part of a can.
I find that baby formula cans are handy as they are flat and if you know someone who uses them they will have lots to give you.

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Subject: Re: cookie cutter.
Why not make one yourself..
I had a look at the one from the site in the message below and it is very simple. .
I have made cookie cutters using tin from cans. .
I find baby formula cans are handy because they have no ridges but you could use the top part of any can where there are no ridges..
Just cut the top and bottom off the can and cut down the seam. Cut off the bottom and top edge. .

Cut a strip the width you would like the cutter to be. .
Make a pattern on paper and measure the sides and mark on tin and bend where the marks are to make your shape..
Just use a strong tape(duct tape) and tape together where pieces join leaving the very bottom free of tape to. .
If the top is too sharp put a layer of tape at the top to protect your hands. .
I have a special pair of vice grips which I used to fold the top side of the cutter over before bending. .
You could try to do this with a wide pair of pliers if you like..
If it doesn't work use the tape- scotch or masking tape would do..
You can also sauder the edges togther with a LEAD FREE sauder if you have it..
Just hold together with a pair of pliers while saudering-it gets hot!!.
Good luck, the decorating looks like the hard part!! .
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