Cold and warm Packs

Reply to: Re: a natural grain, microwavable heating pad posted by Catherine on June 19,

*Make a tube of fabric about 3" wide.
*Sew across end.
*Place about 3/4 to 1 C of feed whole kernal corn [purchased at feed store] in opening.
*Sew across tube about 4 to 5", forming a pocket.
*Do the same for the remainder of the tube, which is about 2 feet long.
*Heat in the microwave about 3 minutes, then relax!!!
A lady at the church has been making these for the last year and selling them. She says they even work for cold packs.
Enjoy, k.... :-))

Posted by kallen on June 24,
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Found my sample today and it is a 3" [inch] tube 2' [foot] long with 4 compartments about 6" each with the corn in it.
This size seems to wrap around the neck better than the 4" x 4" squares.
The corn works very well, better than some of the other stuff I've felt and is a BUNCH cheaper at feed stores - unless you grow your own. :-))

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