Polymer Clay Buttons

Posted by kallen on January 24,

Was just wondering if any of you have tried to make holes int the buttons
this way since I haven't found any shanks either...

There is a way to make the buttons, can't remember if it's old or new, but
saw it the other day. The button is deep enough so the hole can be
horizontal to the surfaces. The clay itself becomes the shank and is sewn
on the same way.

If you wanted to use pins so the button could be removed, just make sure
they are "U" shaped without the "o" spring at one end. Why couldn't you
bake the clay onto the pin? It's baked at low temp that
shouldn't mess with the tension of the pin - unless it was "cold set"...

You can see I'm still thimpkin' with a little plannin' maybe.

Luci, you can try a button, that won't be too bad, will it?!!! k....:))


posted by CJ

The only thing I would worry about is the stress from buttoning/unbuttoning
something with a built-in shank, unless you use the new Premo clay.
I am still waiting to find it before I make any buttons, but
the built-in shank is a good idea. I'll have to try it.


Posted by Lavender on January 24,

In Reply to: Another button Question posted by kallen on January 24,

I have a Wee Folks catalog and saw they have the button shanks ($ .10).
I was reading through Donna Kato's new book the other day and noticed
that she made a clay (disk) shank-like piece (probably
baked first)and then did the button on top of it. Worth a try I think.
Did my first phototransfer last night with just plain paper & clipart.
I read someplace to put a bit of Goo Gone on the paper design to
help it transfer okay. Well, it seems to work pretty good. Think I need to
look around for some more clipart. Well, got some laundry that needs tending,
talk to you all later. ;-)

Have you heard about the transfer technique using t-shirt transfer paper?
It's supposed to make the images come out much crisper, and you can
even use color ink, like from an inkjet printer. I havent tried this yet,
but plan to.

If you want some clip art, try the clip art newsgroup:
alt.binarie.clip-art I have been hanging out there for at least a year,
and have filled several zip disks with not only b&w clip art, but some
fantastic color ones as well. Not all are royalty free, so be aware of
that if you plan on using any clip art on something you sell.
I just bought 2 clip art books, both are b&w.
One I got at an art store, and the other I got at a book store.
They are around, you just need to look for them.


Posted by CJ on January 14,
In Reply to: Care instructions posted by Lavender on January 14,

: : Guess if one starts making buttons for sale, better give care
instructions like one does for custom garments, eh?!!

: I can't wait to try to make buttons, but I need to find the safety pins
or shanks.
: Not to change the subject entirely, but speaking of care instructions
--- I sold a lot of candy cane type ornaments at xmas and decided then to
include an "information/disclaimer ticket" with each item I sell.
I say the item is made of polymer clay and it should never be put in the
mouth, come in contact with food, extreme heat, or be put in the microwave.
I also mention it'll break like a ceramic item but can be
glued back together. BTW does anyone know why it can't be used as a food

The reason it cant be used as a food item is the same reason it shouldn't
be burned: it can be toxic. It's safe to use if the directions are
followed, and it's not burned while baking, and not used as an item that
is to come in contact with food or your mouth. You can use as handles for
silverware, but you have to wash them by hand if you acutally use them
to eat with. Just dont try to cover a cup with it, cuz not
only will the clay be too close to getting into your mouth, but the heat
from putting hot coffee or tea in the cup can release toxic fumes.
It doesnt take much heat for that, either, surprisingly.

And if you have a large fabric store in your area, look for button safety
pins there. I get mine at at a local fabric store that is also a mill
outlet, and the pins come in little packages that hang on the wall.
They are small, silver, have the normal closure that regular safety pins
have, but do not have that little circle at the far end so clothes
don't get caught in it while in use. I know you can get the button shanks
someplace, just dont remember where. I think I printed off the info,
but don't ask me to look for it....
cant even find my dining room table right now!


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