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Hi Karen,

I don't have the directions for what you are looking for but I love entertaining, and in the spring/summer, I like to decorate a cake like a flower garden - and I make flowers to decorate the top:

I buy the sugar coated jelly candies - about 12 of a color in pastel col - then I sort them in little bowls - 1 color to bowl - I work with 1 col at a time - put the bowl in the microwave for about 20 seconds - then take out the candy (1 color at a time) and roll the candy together on a sugar coated service to make a sugar coated sheet - use to cookie cutters that look like flowers/scallopped edges - 1 small/1 large per flower - take each piece and pince the middle and form a sort of cup with the larger flower - do the same with the small one and fit inside the larger one.

You can experiment to make different kinds of flowers - use green to cut out leaves for decorations - the finished look is beautiful - especialy if you use a white/cream colored frosting -

and also, I suggest perhaps a nice refreshing cake - I prefer a lemon chiffon cake when I do this.

I know that this is not what you are looking for but I wanted to share this idea with you anyways!

Take care,

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