braided rugs

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Subject: Re: Braided Rug

Get yourself one of those things that fold the strips into a kind of bias tape style so you don't have the fraying.
I had three so that I could do the folding as I braided. and when I had to leave it they did not come undone.
I also did the sewing of the pieces as I went along, partly because I started before I had all the denium I needed.

Cut your denium in strips. leaving off all the seams and only have one thickness.( that is if you are using used denium) overlap the connecting areas of the strips in a bias type cut so the seam is at an angle and the bulk is not so difficult to work over.
the seams don't have to be flat fel, because they will be inside of the bias piece.

I cut mine all on the bias.
Did all my cutting, working the braid so that I did not have to sew it together, but I don't remember how I did that.
I would have to try making some to figure it out. Darn.
Well anyhow there are lots of ladies out there and they probably are in the proccess right now and can be better help than I .
Good luck. Betty T at MT

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Subject: Re: Braided rag rugs

Hi, Susan:
When I was little, my mother used to make braided rag rugs.
I actually have one in my hands that she made and it's very special to me, because she passed away just over a year ago on my birthday.
What my Mom would do is cut material or pantyhose in strips and braid them.
She then would fold one in half and stitch it together.
She then would just keep adding and stitching until it became a oval shaped rug.
The rug I have is probably over 30 years old! My Mom also would cut up old pantyhose and knit a rectangular rug.
I hope you understand my instructions and enjoy making a heirloom to pass to someone special.

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Subject: Re: Braided Rug

I tried making one of these rugs a while back. One of my "unfinished" projects...don't we all have them?
Anyway, I just cut strips and strips and strips, and kept braiding and braiding and braiding.
The hard part came when you have to sew it all together. The shape just wasn't right.
Would love to pick it up again. Help, someone, anyone!!!
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