Blanket pillow

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Dated September 14, 1999 at 092242
Subject Re Christmas- Instructions on blanket/pillow

You will need 2 different colors of material.
(2 1/2 yards of each- but I have the fabric store cut them in a 2 yard section and a 1/2 yard section- saves me time!) 2 yards of light weight batting Take the material (right sides together) and the batting- sew around the three, leaving about 8 inches open to turn. (can leave up to 18 open at the bottom) Turn and sew the bottom closed.

Do the same thing for the 1/2 yard - this will become the pocket- you might want to use one of the panels they sell to make pillows out of, I usually sew this one so the back color shows. Now fold the blanket towards the middle. (This part is hard to explain) You are folding it longways into thirds, so that the middle is the same size as the sides. IRON this- these folds will be what yo sew down to make the quilt work.

Now you should have a blanket with 2 lines sewed up it, which leaves you with 3 equal sections- sew the pocket on at the bottom in the center section. (only sew 3 sides, leave the top side open. To fold it, flip the pocket down, fold the sides in, start away from the pocket and fold it down. When you hit the pocket, the quilt will fit inside! If this does not make sense, feel free to drop me a line and maybe I can talk you through it. They can be made as fancy as you want, bepending on the fabric and how you do the pocket. (lace around it, names on them, etc! )

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