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Dated : February 24, 1999 at 13:39:58
Subject: Re: angel dolls and birdhouse projects

Now that spring is arriving and you may be into some tree trimming what about a tree limb birdhouse.
Cut limbs around 3 or so inches in diameter, straight and level cut for bottom and angled cut for roof.
Drill large hole a little into limb (glue in a little Spanish moss) and a smaller hole below big hole to fit a small piece of 1/4 in dowel or a little tree stick into for perch.

Cover roof with? ideas:

piece of old tin, shingles, cardboard shingles or brown bag lumber (spread heavy white craft glue on one piece lay another
piece over top of glued side.
Run a comb over layers kind of gently curving as you go.
When glue dries has ridges in it mimicing wood grain) or whatever.
Wrap with silk ivy vine or raffia loosely spiraled up birdhouse.
Add bird and flowers if you wish.
Ivy sprigs hanging down with raffia bow and sunflowers made a nice country style birdhouse.

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Subject: Re: easy crafts and terra cotta pots

Hey, the little terra cotta pots make perfect bird houses!
All you need is a saucer - lay the pot in it sideways - stuff a little bit of spanish moss in it - glue in a bird - put some dried flowers around it and glue a raffia bow on the top.
Glue the pot and saucer together! I make these and sell them for $5.00 at my craft booth and shows!
They also make cute birbaths! Just put the pot upside down and glue a saucer on the bottom of it.
Put a mirror in the saucer (hobby lobby has them), glue a bird sitting on the edge with a couole of flowers by him.
If you do not want to put a mirror in it you can use glue in the saucer - make sure it is the kind of glue that dries clear -
this way you make the water look like it has ripples in it. These also sell for $5.00. Hope you can use these ideas!
Let me know how they turn out if you do! Sheryll

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