baby shower centerpieces

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Hi Teffani, I recently gave my first baby shower and after searching the net and getting ideas from the wonderful people here at craftpals, this is what I did:-


1. got guests to guess width of mothers tummy, by cutting a piece of string,whoever got the closest won.

2. give them different baby foods and they try and guess the flavors (except I blindfolded them all with a diaper and bought disposable bibs as well.)

3. Hanging baby clothes, tie a clothesline, they have to hang baby clothes with a mobile phone one hand and baby doll in the other (I pre-hung the clothes at the begining, people thought it was part of the decorations and looked really good)

4. My own idea, give them kids paints and piece of paper, they had to paint a picture of what they think baby is going to look like, then explain to the mother why they painted it that way, EXCEPT, I gave them q-tips to paint with instead of brushes.
Mother judges winner.

5. Everyone has a guess on weight/date of baby, 10 cents a guess, winner get money later.

My pal Nina (thanks Nina) suggested I get every guest to complete a little card with advice/thoughts for the mother. So at the end of shower, I had these cards, photos I had taken, string, paintings they did and cards given with gifts, all of these I am going to make into an album for her. (and include a copy of the invite.)

Invites: I typed info on paper about 1/4 A4 size, then folded them into diaper shapes and secured with little tiny pins. VERY cute. (So they had to unpin them to read invite) Had punch in new diaper bucket, in ice cubes were baby candies ('cept they sunk to the bottom) Good Luck!!
I took a large branch form outside that had lots of limbs /spray painted it white/put in terra cotta pot i had decorated for baby Painted cute thinsg on it.
Put branch in pot add plaster of paris/let it set up /then add pacifiers, baby pins, lotions etc with cute ribbon. It was centerpiece for teh table.
Curley ribbons also in pinks, blues and greens made it stand out.
For party favors take muslim and cut into diaper shapes use pins to hold sides and stuff with mints etc.

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Dated : March 29, 1999 at 20:30:21
Subject: Re: Baby Shower present wrapping ideas

Saw this idea on another board -
I thought it sounded like a real cute idea and plan on using it the next time I am invited to a baby shower -
fill a bucket with all kinds of "Winnie the Pooh" items - Put a big bow on the handle with a card that says:
"A bucket of Pooh"

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Dated : January 17, 1999 at 17:04:56
Subject: Re: Cake instructions

You take a small baby bottle-this is the center of the cake- and then you use either cloth diapers(they are always handy- even if you use disposables)or a mixture of cloth diapers, receiving blankets, crib sheets, etc.
You must fold your item of choice until it measures the height of the baby bottle(make sure nipple is not covered up).
Then you start wrapping these items around the baby bottle, where one ends you start with the next.
Make sure to wrap it kind of tightly, to secure.

Some people find it easy to use baby diaper pins at these areas(to hold it secure-but it's not necessary)if you do let them stick up-so that they show on top of the cake.
Use as many items as you want until the cake is the size you want it. When finished use a baby safety pin to secure.
Then you can decorate the cake by sticking different items into the folds. Use flowers,baby socks(with lace sticking up) booties, etc.
Makes a nice centerpiece and it will be filled with many useful items(That is if the mom-to-be will take it apart.).

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