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Melissa posted Message 2868 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : February 23, 1999
Subject: Re: Baby Shower

When my work threw a Baby Shower for my first here is something they did:
When everyone arrived you were given a diaper to pin on your shirt (a minature one made from a white towel and clipped together with a saftey pin made to look like a diaper.

(back in the days before disposibles......inside one of them was a smudge of peanut butter......towards the end of the party you had to open your "diaper" and see if you had the "messy" one. That person got a prize.

I think I remember this so well because I ended up with the "messy" its a daily routine. :-) Good Luck!

Sherri posted Message 2473 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : January 19, 1999 at 00:40:40
Subject: Re: Baby Shower Help!!!
I haven't actually thrown a baby shower.
I was planning to have one for a friend last winter, but her mother unexpectedly passed away and the shower was thrown by the way side.. However, here are a few ideas I thought were cute.

String a clothes line in the room and decorate it with new outfits for baby.

Make small diapers using a little triangle of cloth and a small safety pin. Pin one of these (using another safety pin or straight pin) on each guest. Before the party, put a smudge of brown marker (or whatever) in one. The guest to wear the dirty diaper gets a door prize.

Pass around a ball of yarn. Each guest is to cut off the amount that they think will fit around the middle of Mommy's tummy. The one who is the closest wins.

Buy a package of those small plastic babies in the cake aisles. Freeze each in an ice cube tray. At the beginning of the party give each guest a styrofoam cup with an ice cube in it. They are to check on it periodically. The first one to find that the ice has melted is suppose to yell out "My water broke"

Make a special present for the new dad to be. Take an apron (probably the canvas type) and sew on pockets made of various bright colors. Label these pockets with things like: Bottle, Diaper, etc. Also, you can add joke things like rubber gloves, a clothes pin for the holding the nose shut, a roll of duct tape for securing the diaper and so on.

Use a new baby bath as a punch bowl... Make a sheet cake, decorate it like a receiving blanket and place a small doll on it, like a baby crawling.

Other great ideas are farther down on this board. Hope some of this helps!

Lisa posted Message 2915 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
dated : February 25, 1999 at 15:34:32
Subject: Re: Baby Shower


I believe it was somewhere on this BB that one of the gals mentioned the following idea:
They took "diapers" made from I would say 6" squares and filled them with candy/goodies.
Then pined them with a pin front. (Cloth diaper look).
Next they strung them up on a close-line from one end of the room to the next using clothes pins.
When the guest left, they got to take one of the "diapers" home with them as a party favor.
Good luck and have fun :-} - Lisa

LisaK posted Message 2449 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : January 16, 1999 at 17:04:37
Subject: Re: Baby shower ideas?

It's fun to have everyone bring a baby picture and play a game to guess who's who.
A cello wraped candy stick that has labels that say "It's a Baby (boy or girl if you know)" for each guest. You can make the labels by hand or on a computer.

Attach to candy stick with rubber cement.
Have everyone wear a paper bib that has a funny name for each person, (such as Hortence),
then explain that everyone must be called thier bib name for the entire shower.
Whoever catches someone using the wrong name, gets their bib.
The one with the most bibs at the end of the shower wins.
Pink or blue or yellow guest's soaps are good favors.

Linda in Ohio posted Message 2444 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : January 15, 1999 at 19:30:28
Subject: Re: Baby shower ideas?

Lynette, Take either all white or pink and blue napkins and fold like a diaper.
Secure the front with a small gold safety pin.
Wrap some mints or nut mix in clear plastic like Saran Wrap, tie with ribbon and insert into the diaper.

Baby rattles can be made by wrapping and twisting a pink or blue chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
around a half inch styrofoam ball, then twisting the other end into a loop shape.
Tie a ribbon bow on the "handle" of the rattle. You can also attach a card with each guest's name on it.

misty posted Message 2446 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Subject: Re: Baby shower ideas?
You can make some edible pacifiers-from large white lifesavers.
For each you will need:
2 large white lifesavers
1 teenie jelly bean-your color choice
1 8 or 9" ribbon-your color choice
"Glue" mixture
Glue is made from ten-x sugar and milk. It needs to be
about the texture of royal icing-not too thick and not too thin.

1. Take lifesaver #1 and put some glue onto a 1/2" area of the rim. Insert this glued area into the hole of lifesaver #2. Let Dry.
2. Take some glue and insert it into the hole area of lifesaver #2, insert jelly bean into this. Let Dry.
3. Insert ribbon thru hole of #1 lifesaver and tie off. Wrap them in plastic wrap to preserve or just keep in Tupperware to keep fresh.
You can also fill small baby bottles with teenie jelly beans- as a favour.
Make a cake from diapers or sheets and receiving blankets- to use as a centerpiece.

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