Personalized baby picture frame

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Subject: Here's another project I did!

Here's a project I made today for my friend, who is due any day now for her baby.
Personalized baby picture frame.
I got the stuff I needed from Michaels
5x7 unfinshed wood frame.
Wooden letter's to spell out the babys name. (Hannah, She already named her)
Small unfinshed wooden hearts.
Small unfinshed wooden stars.
Small thin ribbon 1/4 I think. I used Ivory color.
Glue gun.

First I spounged painted the entire frame white.
Then I splatterd mine with baby blue paint.
I painted the name mint green(light green). I painted the stars light yellow. I painted the hearts pink.
Then I placed the name and hearts and stars where they looked good.
Before I glued them..... The I took the ribbon and did curls all the way around the frame.
I glued after every curl. I also left my other pieces there while I did this to make sure I wouldn't forget where I had it.
Then I took the name, hearts and stars and glued them in place.
It turned out really cute.
I hope this all made sense.


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