Autumn crafts

Robbie posted Message 4228 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated August 23, 1999
Subject Re autumn crafts Robbie, how cute!
Thanks Adele!
I put my Mr. Tom Turkey on my door every year!
I also found another autumn project I did!
I did these with real & fake pumpkins.
With the fake ones, you can obviously save them & use them every year!

I bought a 2 piece pumpkin at the craft store.
The top is like the lid.
It was not wicker, but more like it had a twisty paper feel on the outside.
I took the lid off & put some foam in the center.
I then glued various falls sprigs, flowers, leaves, picks with mini pumpkins & nuts, and even a mini scarecrow on a pick in the center.
I also used a longer piece on euchlyptus in it for a "taller point" in the display.
Then I glued the top of the pumpkin onto the side near the top of it.
I glued a leaf & some cinnamon sticks on the lid piece.
I also sprayed mine with a cinnamon scent bottle for an extra touch.. It smells so good!

When I have it on my table at my house I always get compliments and inquiries about it. Thought I would share this one too! Hope you like it!

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