King Alfred Cakes

2 pounds of course salt
2 pounds of bluestone
2 oz. of salt for colours
red: strontium nitrate
green: borax
yellow: calcium nitrate
purple: potassium cloride
orange: table salt
coloured baking cups (large size)
Paraffin wax

Combine bluestone, course salt, salt of the chosen colour
in a cardboard box. Cover and shake vigorously until chemicals
are combined. With a wooden spoon ladle in coloured baking cups
filling 2/3 full. Melt paraffin over hot water and pour some in
about 1/4" thick, just enough to hold things together. At Xmas
you can add sparklers or coloured stars on top.
Throw them onto burning logs. When the fire is dying down, stir
it again and the colours will keep coming back.
Hope those who try this...enjoy it.!

Pat H Canada

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