Aging Paper

Lynette posted Message 1633 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : October 08,
Subject: Shellac worked for this idea

Anita - I dont know if this will give you the "finish" you want,
but someone had suggested to me to use shellac to age paper.
So a couple of weeks ago I photocopied my "old" family photos,
I did them in varying sizes but all smaller than that of a credit card.

I bought a photobox, i.e. a shoe box but made of hard board.
I then glued all of the photocopies onto the box (I added 10% water to
white glue to use) The photos were glued on at different angles and
overlapping so as to cover the box entirely.
Then I used a piece of foam and wiped the shellac on.

Within 5 minutes it was dry and the "stark" white photocopies, went
a pale brown, like old newspaper look.
Dont have to be "old" photos, can use baby photos, coz when you copy
them they go black and white anyway!
It turned out so good, I now have to make em all for the family!

(would suggest you dont do a second coat, coz I tried that on a patch
and it went all blotchy) I have since done it to music sheets which I
will roll them up with a ribbon etc for Xmas decorations, use a music
sheet with Xmas carol,on it. Also can use the music sheets to
make angels, will put that one on angel bb.

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