aging brass

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Dated : November 20, 1998 at 15:08:54
Subject: Greenish patina on brass

###Hi Susan, The yogurt or buttermilk, or sour milk etc brushed on the clay pots will help to get that aged look.
If you can find some old moss, crumble it up and add to the yogurt etc before you paint itn onto the pots.
Then you just set the pots in some secluded place (out of the sun) and let Nature have her way with the mossy aging.

###The dark aging that brass gets, comes only with age, (as far as I know)
However, you can achieve a greenish patina, in a couple of ways.
You can purchase the patina, that you paint on, from craft or paint stores.
Or you can soak it in cider vinegar and then let it dry. This may take a few dippings and some time.
This all depends upon the chemical make-up of the brass.
Also, IF your brass has a lacquer protective finish on it, the vinegar will not work until you remove it.
I have had success in removing that finish by wiping and rubbing with acetone (get it at hardware store)
Be sure to use it in well ventelated area and wear rubber or latex gloves. bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*

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