Making Soaps

Easy glycerin soap with surprises inside for kids {with supervision}

Parents: please supervise especially with the heating, adding essential oil
and cutting steps.

1 bar clear, unscented glycerin soap small toys, shells, etc. any thing to
go 'inside' the soap { make sure the items aren't to teeny tiny if soap is
to be used as these itty bitty items could go down the drain}
small loaf pans or small molds essential oil.

Put a bar of soap in a bowl in the microwave and melt it until it liquefies

{about 1 minute} or in the top of a double boiler on the stove.
Then pour 1/4" of this soupy soap into any mold that's 2" high.

In about 3 minutes it will get a skin on the top. Lay the small objects to
be encased in the soap on it, with the pretty side face down.
Reheat the rest of the soap jelly until it is completely liquefied again.
Add just one drop of an essential oil, blend gently with a fork and pour
it into the mold until the soap is 3/4" to 1" higher than the object inside.

Wait about 30 minutes for it to harden. It's now ready for you to run a
knife around the sides of the soap and then to hold the mold upside down
under hot water and band it on the counter . These steps are necessary
to release the soap. Keep as is or cut it into chuncky blocks and display
in the bathroom.

Priscilla Z

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